What is the Open after-school recreational club activity ?


We are called a club and are a popular meeting and activity place for children in grades 4 to 6 at school. We arrange activities, both here and around the city. Obviously the children also have places where they can do their homework and have a calm leisurely time.


Create, run and rest


Children have different needs and these needs vary from day to day. Sometimes, they need help with their homework, sometimes they need to be able to express themselves in art or music, and usually it is nice to have an opportunity to move about. The idea behind the club is that we offer a good mixture of activities. We regularly visit various cultural and sports installations, to participate in cultural activities or play football or floorball (indoor bandy). Sometimes, we go to the public baths, toboggan hills or other “clubs”.


What is actually a meaningful leisure time?


For us, it means that your child shall have fun and shall participate in both physically demanding and quiet but nevertheless stimulating activities. It is also important that children can meet each other and us adults in a secure situation. We do not accept bullying and we deal with such problems as soon as they arise.


The children can have an influence


Your child’s opinion is important for us. We want the children to feel that their ideas are valuable. Each term, the children are allowed to take part and plan the activity.


Attendance and costs


This club is an open after-school recreational activity where children can come and go as they please. But we want to know when your child goes home – so that we, you and your child can feel secure. It costs nothing to be at the club, but if you would like your child to have a snack, this costs SEK 150 per month. This also includes a lunch on holiday days.



How do I start the meal payments for my child?


You can send an application for meals on a form which you can obtain here or from your recreational club.


In order for your child to receive a snack at the recreational club, your child must not be registered at a leisure home (fritidshem).  Notice must be given to the leisure home two months in advance, and you should therefore make arrangements in good time before your child begins at the recreational club.


You can obtain a digital version of the mealtime application from the following link: Anmälningsblankett.


Fill in the form and send it to the address at the bottom of the form.  You can also leave it at the recreational club concerned.  When your application has been registered, an invoice will be sent each month to the address which you have given.


How do I stop the meal payments for my child?


You can stop paying for a meal for your child at any time.


As parent or guardian of your child, you are the only person who can cancel the payments.   The easiest way is to telephone to the placing unit within the municipal district at 021-39 06 00.  Another possibility is to send an e-mail to skolplacering@vasteras.se, giving the name and civic registration number (personnummer) of your child and the name of the recreational club concerned.  Payment will be stopped one month later.


If you have more questions about this, please contact the staff or head of the recreational club concerned.


Do you want to know more ?


Phone us or book a meeting, so that we can tell you more! As a parent, you are heartily welcome to come to the club for a cup of coffee. You can find the contact particulars at: Fritidsklubbar


Our opening hours


The after-school recreational clubs are open from 13.00 pm to 17.00 pm on weekdays and study days. During the winter holiday, Easter holiday, summer holiday, autumn holiday, Christmas holiday and on the last day of term before the Christmas and summer holidays, we are open from 10.00 am to 17.00 pm. In July, we are closed. The activity is also closed on “red-letter” days and on Midsummer’s Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.


The after-school recreational clubs are also entitled to close their activity on two days per year for educational and competence development. It is up to each club to decide when these days shall take place during the year. Contact your child’s after-school recreation club if you would like to know more.




All the children, pupils and young people at Västerås City’s municipal school and after-school recreational activities, individual preschool activities and adult education are insured against accidents.


This insurance applies to all the municipal after-school recreational clubs. More information about the accident insurance and how to submit an injury report is available on the Västerås City homepage. Click on försäkring vid olyckor for more information.


You can also receive help from the staff at your child’s after-school recreationalal club



The children check in at the club


Each time a child visits the after-school recreational club, it must “check in” on a computer with its first name, age and gender. This information will be used when we report to the politicians and officials who request the activity. The child’s name is not shown and it disappears automatically after 30 days in our system.


We need the first name mainly to check that there is nothing wrong in the registration or if a parent phones and asks whether or not their child has been at the club on that day. A child whose personal data is subject to secrecy restrictions will check in without giving its name.


Help us to be better


Do you have you any comments on the activities of the recreational club?  Do you feel that something could be done in a better or different way?  As a parent, you can help us to improve the activities.  If you have ideas or suggestions, contact your recreational club.


You can also send us your comments on an e-form which is available on the city homepage.   Click here to get to the homepage.   If your comments are directed towards a specific activity, do not forget to state which recreational club you are referring to.  Our aim is to make sure that you receive a reply within one week.


What guides our activity ?


All our clubs work in accordance with the School Act and the political targets. We work all the time to improve ourselves and we follow up the activity on a regular basis.


What does the School Act say about our activity ?


According to the National Agency for Education (Skolverket), “The Open after-school recreational activity is offered to children of the ages of 10 to 12 years who are not in need of the care and supervision which is given at the after-school recreation centres (fritidshem) or of pedagogic care. It can also be a complement for school children who are receiving pedagogic care. The children are not registered. The families decide themselves when and how often the children shall participate.


“The ask of the Open after-school recreational activity is to complement the school (with regard to time and content) and to offer children a meaningful leisure time and support in their development. The starting point shall be the needs of each child. The activity should therefore be designed together with the children. It is important that their interests and initiatives are given plenty of room.”


You can read more on the homepage of the National Agency for Education (Skolverket) by clicking on: Skolverket allmänna råd


What are the political goals in Västerås?


When the pupils in Västerås start in grade 4 at school, they are invited to participate in the open after-school recreational activity. This offer is open for all the pupils from grades 4, 5 and 6. Children of the ages of 10 to 12 years often wish to take a greater responsibility for their spare time. At the same time, they still need adult contacts and pedagogic guidance in their activities. The open after-school recreational activity provides a good preparation so that the child can progressively take more responsibility for its spare time. In this work, the parents also have an important task and the open after-school recreational activity presupposes that the parents will participate.


To be able to offer an activity with high quality, the open after-school recreational activity cooperates with associations, recreational centres, schools, churches, other after-school recreational centres and others in the immediate surroundings. In addition, the various open after-school recreational activities in the city cooperate with each other. The goal is to ensure that all the children shall find meaningful activities based on their own particular interests; activities which they will be able to continue to build on in the future.


You can find more information about this at the following link: Västerås Stad öppen fritidsverksamhet


The UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child


Much of our activity, our attitude, our treatment and the making of decisions for our activity are based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The four main principles governing our work are


•    Article 2: The child’s right to protection from discrimination of any kind

•    Article 3: The consideration of the child’s best interests

•    Article 6: The child’s inherent right to life and development

•    Article 12: The child’s right to express views freely


Our vision


Our vision is to capture in a pedagogic and simple manner that which on an everyday basis enables us to deliver public service with high quality. ProAros exists only in the meeting between the user and the employee, between the pupil and the teacher, between the elderly and the home-help service staff, between the young person and the social worker.


The meeting is therefore the central feature of our activity. The meeting is the actual soul in everything which we do. If all the hundreds of thousands of meetings which take place every day are filled with knowledge and consideration, empathy and a professional treatment – then it is highly probable that we shall live up to everybody’s high expectations regarding efficiency and quality.


If we are all able to do our very best, at each moment, at each meeting, in each contact with users, relatives, cooperation partners and clients, then we will probably be one of Sweden’s best organizations – a modern knowledge organization.


Our vision is thus: Always the best possible meeting


This vision applies for all the meetings in the organization, with the users and all others whom we meet. This means that employees can demand support to achieve the vision. The vision gives a picture of an organization where everybody always does his/her best and always acts in the best interests of the user. If this culture and this attitude permeate the Board, management and workplaces within proAros, we shall move from an administrative thinking to the ingredients of a modern knowledge organization.


Our guiding stars


If the meeting is the central feature, the essence of what we are doing, then knowledge and consideration are the guiding stars for the meetings. Through knowledge – teaching a child to read, caring for a demented person, supporting an addict, offering culture – we create an added value, we make a difference for the user.


Our services and our meetings build on close relationships. The user shall make demands on us, and together with the users we create quality in the meetings. The user thus participates all the time. We create quality and a high user value by showing care in all we do.  For our employees to feel support and direction, they must always be led by important guiding stars.


Our guiding stars are Knowledge and Consideration